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Variety of batteries

Primary batteries*
* Disposable batteries (non-rechargeable)

Zinc-carbon battery
Alkaline manganese dry battery
Nickel-based primary battery
Lithium battery
Alkaline manganese button battery
Silver-oxide battery
Zinc-air battery
Secondary batteries**
** Rechargeable and usable many times
(Specified battery charger required.)

Nickel-cadmium battery
Nickel-metal hydride battery
Lithium ion battery
Small valve regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA)
Lead-acid batteries
  • Lead-acid battery for automobiles
  • Lead-acid battery for stand-alone equipment
  • Lead-acid battery for electric automobiles
Alkaline storage batteries
  • Sintered alkaline storage battery
  • Pocket-type alkaline storage battery

Other batteries
Fuel battery
Solar battery

There are a variety of batteries for every purpose as well as power capacity, characteristic or shape requirement.