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About fake battery packs

Notebook personal computers are equipped with battery packs (either lithium-ion or nickel metal-hydride batteries). Thanks to these battery packs, notebook personal computers can even be used in airplanes and automobiles, where there is no conventional power supply.

Personal computer makers and battery makers have designed the batteries, protection circuits, and other features to ensure safety and reliability. When battery packs are manufactured, they are grouped and assembled based on the performance of each battery. In addition, personal computer makers perform stringent tests before shipping. Genuine battery packs shipped through this process are subject to a range of monitoring by the computer when used.

However, when these genuine battery packs with lithium-ion batteries reach the end of their useful life and have to be replaced, many customers use fake battery packs rather than the computer maker's genuine battery packs. It is not clear how well these fake batteries conform to the design or control information of the computer, so there is some concern that they might cause a problem. In some cases, they may cause a safety problem. If such a problem does occur, naturally it is not covered by the warranty of the computer and battery manufacturers.

In addition, caution is advised when using a battery pack whose usage history is not known.

Access the following URL for the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) guidelines for fake battery packs for notebook personal computers.(In Japanese only)

Guidelines for Fake Battery Packs for Laptop Computers