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CAUTION - Do not buy or use fake battery packs

For customers

There are fake lithium-ion battery packs for Japanese digital cameras, video camcorders and other digital equipment sold primarily around Southeast Asia.

Since lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and have high energy density, they are used in a variety of digital equipment such as notebook PCs, portable phones, digital cameras and video camcorders.

For users' safety, a lithium-ion battery pack incorporates internal protection or control circuits that meet safety standards. Using lithium-ion battery packs that do not feature such circuits is very dangerous.

It is unclear whether protection or control circuits of fake battery packs meet the safety standards. There have been reports of accidents - including fire and explosion of batteries - which could have been caused by the use of fake lithium-ion battery packs.

Accordingly, please do not buy or use any such fake product.

The Japanese government has started taking action against the fake and pirated products. In mid-May 2003, the Japanese government organized a mission to China from the public and private sectors specializing in protection of Japanese intellectual properties to visit 18 Chinese government agencies in Beijing and Guangdong.

The mission consisted of a total of 60 members from 24 private enterprises and organizations, government officials and JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). The BAJ, however, did not participate with the mission, because the actual situations of the fake batteries were under examination.

Requests the mission addressed to the Chinese government are:
1. To take harsher action against repeat offenders and instigate penalties
2. To improve regulations governing the copying of product designs
3. To adopt a priority review system for violation of patents

For information on fake lithium-ion battery packs, check the websites of manufacturers of battery-applied digital equipment.

For information on fake battery packs for digital cameras or video camcorders, visit the URLs below (in Japanese):

Canon Inc.

Sony Corporation

OLYMPUS Corporation