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Tips on trouble-free and safe use of lithium-ion batteries

For consumers

Lithium-ion batteries are the most powerful and high energy density batteries ever made. Today, they are indispensable for supplying power to digital equipment such as personal computers, mobile phones and other such devices.

Recently, however, there have been attempts to disassemble and modify lithium-ion battery packs found in personal computers and mobile phones.

Lithium-ion batteries have several safety mechanisms built into them or their packs to enable safe use of high power.
Disassembling or otherwise tampering with lithium-ion batteries is very dangerous because it may damage or disable such safety mechanisms and can result in fire or explosion.

Lithium-ion batteries are labeled warnings against disassembling, heating, short-circuiting and soldering them. Be sure to read these warnings.

Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured and available as battery packs encased in plastic.

Beware of batteries that:

  1. Have no battery packs or no manufacturer or distributor names displayed
  2. Have no warning labels displayed

Such battery packs may have been disassembled or modified.

For your own safety, confirm with sales staff before buying a battery pack.

CAUTION - Do not buy, use, accept, or give away modified lithium-ion batteries.