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Instructions when using zinc-air batteries for hearing aids

The positive terminal on a zinc-air battery uses oxygen from the air. Therefore, a substantial amount of zinc can be used in the battery at the negative terminal, which produces a large amount of electricity even if the battery is small (high capacity). This type of battery is primarily used in hearing aids, pagers and similar devices. There is an air vent in the battery's positive terminal case, which is initially covered with a sticker before use. To use the battery, the sticker must first be removed. This is the biggest difference between zinc-air batteries and other button batteries. Thus, zinc-air batteries require special care not required for regular batteries. The following precautions must be taken, particularly in winter.

In the winter months, the adverse conditions given below are compounded and affect the function (life) of the battery.

1. Oil stoves, gas heaters and other heating devices produce carbon dioxide, which degrades the battery's electrolyte.

2. Low temperatures weaken the battery.
Take the following precautions to prevent the cold from degrading the battery during the winter.

Precautions for winter use

  1. Provide adequate ventilation when using open-flame heating devices or when there are many people in the room.
  2. If the battery is cold, warm it up a little with body heat before use.