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Symptoms of a discharged battery

The following symptoms (these are just a few examples) may indicate that the battery is completely discharged or is at the end of its useful life.

Car symptoms
  • The brightness of lights changes when the accelerator is pressed.
  • The direction indicator blinking time becomes longer.
  • The starter motor becomes too weak to start the engine.
Battery symptoms
  • The specific gravity of electrolyte in each battery or the terminal voltage drops.

End of useful life
  • The difference in electrolyte levels or specific gravity between batteries grows larger.
  • Battery electrolyte levels drop significantly and need to be refilled more often.

Advice: These cars have a higher likelihood of having a discharged battery.

Beware of these cars!

Cars that are not used much*
Cars that are mostly operated at night
Cars that have many extra electronic accessories
Cars with batteries that are more than three years old

Even when a car is not used, it generally consums 10 to 30 mA, and the battery will be dead in one to three months.