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How to read battery type information

The type of a battery is indicated on the top of the battery. Compare their differences based on performance and size, so you can pick the right battery for your car.

JIS type

1: Performance rank (no unit symbol)

This indicates a battery's overall performance (starting performance, capacity). The larger the number, the better the performance. (Under 50 = 2 steps, 50 and above = 5 steps)

2: Size of the narrow side (In the JIS standard, categories are set based on the width and the box height)

Symbol: The size increases from A to H (Unit: mm)

Symbol Width Box height
A 127 162
B 129(127) 203
D 173 204
E 176 213
F 182 213
G 222 213
H 278 220

3: Length (cm)

This indicates the approximate length (cm). (Example: About 24 cm for 55B24R)

4: Polarity position

This indicates the positive and negative polarity position of the battery (R. or L. or no symbol).